set to launch its completely redesigned website! set to launch its completely redesigned website!

On April 24th 2017, the Reglster-Pajaronlan launches its new contemporary website, which promises a much more comprehensive, interactive, visually appealing and user-friendly experience for subscribers and visitors.

With a focus on providing important timely local news and features in a variety of categories, the new will offer more detailed articles,
more photos and video, and
more page sections than ever
before. And all of our
customized content adapts
nicely for tablet and
smartphone users.

All current Reglster-Pajaronlan print subscribers will enjoy full access to the new website and now will be able to easily read all of our print stories on line at no additional cost. So, now is the time to extend, renew or restart your subscription and stay in the loop as our reporters will give you the latest most credible and accurate local information online and in print.

We are sure you will enjoy our new website experience, so punch your ticket as we blast into a new era together.